Frequently Asked Questions

Alive 365 • Sensualicious | Secrets of Enduring Love and Erotic Passion in Committed Relationship

Secrets of Enduring Love and Erotic Passion in Committed Relationship

Why Sensual-icious?

Think back a moment. How and when did you first learn about sex? Who was it that gave you … ‘The Talk’?

When this question is asked repeatedly, it becomes glaringly apparent that - while many people may have received a brief anatomy lesson on the physiology of reproduction - few - if any - have ever been schooled in the erotic arts of sexual intimacy and love play.

In fact when it comes to the topics of love, sex, gender differences and relationship – most people report receiving no guidance or instruction what so ever.

Additionally, many relationships lack the meaningful sexual dialogue necessary for partners to feel confident about expressing their sensual desires, preferences and concerns.

Case in point - When was the last time you spoke honestly - with your partner - about how you long to be loved and touched or new forms of sexual pleasuring that you would like to explore? Recently? Rarely? Maybe never?

Lastly, “Cultural Wisdom” dictates that with age and familiarity a couple’s sexual energy and desire naturally wanes or disappears all together. That sex appeal and charisma have a shelf life and that's just the normal course of things.

And that's a choice … if you want to go with that.

A different perspective could include the fact that - sexual energy is life energy. While bodies change with age and sexual desire may fluctuate based upon circumstances and conditions - human beings are innately sensual at any age – and charisma is timeless!

Sensual-icious is dedicated to providing partners with the means to explore your own unique - erotic “thumbprint” - both individually and as a couple. To take the best and brightest aspects of your relationship and build on the powerful attraction that brought you together in the first place.

My partner and I are very different in our approach to intimacy – I am more adventurous he/she is more reserved – will that difference present a problem in taking this class?

Not at all – As long as each of you are willing to show up with an open heart and mind - and a willingness to consider new tips, techniques and information.

We recognize that that when it comes to defining - love, intimacy and eroticism - every couple is unique. As a result there is simply no “one size fits all” - model.

We encourage partners to explore and define what sensuality and eroticism looks and feels like to them - both individually - and as a couple. Then we build from there - by adding a playful element of intrigue as to what more is possible.

What topics are covered in the Sensual-icious 1 course?

The course covers a broad range of topics with subjects that range from educational to erotic and practical to provocative.

Class topics are designed to free the mind and body for the pleasurable exploration of intimacy, romance, sensuality and eroticism in relationship.

Topic subjects include

Will I be comfortable in class? / How much personal sharing is involved?

Course subjects and materials are presented in a relaxed and playful atmosphere spiced with humor, warmth and sensuality.

There is no requirement to share at any level that exceeds personal trust and comfort for – you individually - or as a couple. We strive to provide a safe and creative environment to allow participants to confidently explore their thoughts, concerns, questions, ideas, hopes and desires with regard to love, intimacy, eroticism and relationship.

Be assured that you will experience some of the most stimulating – thought provoking – and down right fun conversations you have ever had in a classroom environment.

Are there homework assignments?


The homework assignments have been designed to support weekly class topics and add a sense of playfulness and adventure to the journey.

Instead of just explaining new techniques Sensual-icious incorporates them into inspired sensual adventures.

Of equal importance - the weekly homework assignments are designed to provide to you as a couple a giant permission slip to explore and practice new and different forms of connection, pleasuring and love play.

I am not currently in a relationship – do you offer Sensual-icious for singles?

Yes, we do offer classes for singles including Sensual-icious U and The Women's Sensual Mysteries Series - with more to follow next year.

My partner and I are experiencing severe relationship challenges - would we benefit from taking the class?

This course is not designed for couples that are experiencing severe relationship challenges, that may be better served by engaging the services of a trained Marriage and Family Therapist.